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About us

This website specializes in reviewing, counseling and processing applications for the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) on behalf of travelers to the United States. The information we provide is based on publicly available information and our interpretation/experience concerning the Visa Waiver Program and ESTA Application.

This website is operated by a private company, and it is not affiliated with any government agency or department. This website is a project of SAMI Investments SAC.

The content provided on this website is for information purposes. The information is about legal topics which is different from legal advice, which can only be provided by a lawyer. The users of this website use the information provided at their own responsibility.

About our Processing Service

Our service is as an online application service provider used to facilitate the Travel Authorization process in order for foreign nationals to visit the USA. We provide a professional review and submission service for ESTA applications. Please note that we do not provide any legal advice. By completing the payment process, you indicate us to present your data (ESTA file) to the U.S. immigration authorities on your behalf in order to obtain an entry permit to the United States.

Among our services there are include the translation of the information presented, the review of all answers, the advisory to complete all fields required by the application. If we find some error or inconsistency with some data of the application, we will contact customer by email to verify and confirm the information in question.

Only this is submitted an application to the ESTA Application, if after evaluation, it is considered valid.

Our service has the same duration as the validity of Travel Authorization of the customer, in most cases this is two years, or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first.

The price for our service is 64 USD per application (or the equivalent in your home currency). As a payment method we are using the platforms of PayPal. You can choose the payment method that will be more convenient for you..

Before making the payment on our website, you will have the opportunity to review the important data for your application. You also can make changes if necessary. If you notice error after the payment, please contact us immediately by email or our service "Contact us". If you find errors in your approved travel application, we will process application one more time with no additional cost in the case that the error was by the part of the client. Please note that you have 15 days from the moment of processing your Travel Authorization (from the moment when we send email to you) to make a request to update data or correct a mistake.

Only the U.S. government has the authority to approve or deny an application for a US Travel Authorization. So we do not have any influence over the results of your ESTA application. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the application has correct information. We are not responsible if you are denied boarding on a flight or vessel with destination to the United States.

Delivery Policy

Our delivery policy is available to explain to the customer, how we provide the Processing Service offered on this website. The Service consists of two steps: customer fill all the required fields on our application page and then submit payment of 64 USD (21 USD which is US government fee + 43 USD which is service fee) or the equivalent in home currency of customer. After this we will deliver the product to you by email as soon as possible (approximately 3-6h)*. You will receive an email from us with the result of our Service attached in a PDF file.

** In cases where more time is needed to process an electronic Travel Authorization application, an answer or informational message will usually be returned within 24 hours.

PDF files can be read by utilizing Adobe reader ( which is free to download. We recommend that you take with you a printed copy of your Travel Authorization as some airlines may request to see a copy of it at check-in.

We strongly recommend you to add our email address to your whitelist to ensure that our email is not rejected due to an overfilled inbox.

Transaction currency

Our customers can pay for our services in their home currency (which will be equivalent to 64 USD in the time of payment), in this case you will be charged according to what your card issuing bank is offering as an exchange rate to the USD. If you have questions about any of these charges, please contact your banking entity.

Refund policy

It is responsibility to provide us with up-to-date and correct information about yourself when applying for your ESTA Travel Authorization. In the case of an application has been rejected by the US CBP Department of Homeland security, only we will charge for the processing of the ESTA Application (the fee is 4 USD or the equivalent in currency which customer paid in this website) and we will proceed with the full refund of the difference of the amount paid. However, when the application was processed and then you want your cancellation, there will be a mandatory charge of 21 USD (or the equivalent in currency which customer paid in this website per application) which is the payment for services provided by the U.S. government's official web portal. Once you have submitted the application with us, we are assuming that you agree that we may immediately start the process of your authorization. Please note that you have 15 days from the moment of processing your Travel Authorization (from the moment when we send email to you) to make claims and/or request a refund.

We will only make refunds through our payment platforms (PayPal) and only to the account of the credit card originally used for the purchase. We will not make refunds by cash or check, as these methods cannot provide adequate security, payment verification, guarantee against theft, loss, or fraud.

All payments sent to us, are received in United States Dollars (USD) and any refund that we carry out, will be in currency which customer paid in this website. We can only be held responsible only the amounts of payment that we received, NOT for the difference generated by the currency conversion used by your credit/debit card company (banking entity) at the time of purchase. In summary, when we make the money back, we will be refunding the amount which you paid to us for the services which we offer and that amount does NOT include fees charged by your credit/debit card company or other parties in connection with your payment, it only includes the fee paid to us for processing your application.

A refund will be credited only to the card used in the payment process, carried out within the next twenty-four (24) hours, and posted immediately (in case of payment with PayPal).

To request a refund please email us at o use the Contact form. Please include the following information with your request:

  •  The reason for the refund request;
  •  Your full name and the transaction ID;
  •  The email used for the original purchase.

Service of customer support

If you, after reading the Terms and Conditions, need additional information or you have questions about our refund policy, please feel free to "Contact us" (Hours: 24h from Monday to Sunday and holidays)


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Change of Terms and Conditions

We can make changes to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to improve security, legal reasons, or to reflect updates to our services. Your continued use of this site signifies an acceptance of these amended Terms, and therefore the Terms should be reviewed before making any further use of this site. The changes in these Terms and Conditions, will be post on our website with the date they were made.

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